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Lead Wallet
2 min readMar 19, 2022
Roadmap outlining integrations and feature implementations.

From the inception of the Lead Wallet idea to the design and development of the product, there have been clear-cut objectives with respect to features that would be built within the application.

However, as we grow and evolve in a fast-paced ecosystem like the blockchain, we understand the need to adapt and streamline our services to cater to the needs of the entire #crypto community as a whole.

As a result, we are delighted to present our updated roadmap for the year 2022, to our esteemed community!

Global Marketing Outreach Commences! [Q1 — Q4]

For the entire year, we would be dedicating our time and resources to engage in activities that will help drive user acquisition, and we have already commenced the exercise from Africa, as this is our pilot from where we will optimize and replicate recorded success.

Fiat ~ Crypto and Crypto ~ Fiat Swaps [Q2]

At the time of writing this article, our devs are already integrating a gateway that allows our wallet users to convert their crypto assets to local fiat currencies, as well as converting fiat to their favorite crypto asset. We will also start from a pilot, and support more fiat currencies as time goes on.

Crypto ~ Crypto Swap Integration, Including Cross-Chain Swaps [Q2]

Lead Wallet, as the most feature-packed wallet application, will integrate crypto to crypto swaps, including a single-point, single transaction swap that will afford users the opportunity to swap assets across chains that are not compatible! This is an integration we are proud of as it makes swaps seamless!

Support and Integration of AML (RSK) Oracles [Q2 — Q4]

The RSK protocol offers incredible opportunities in ways the blockchain industry has never seen, and we are keen on supporting products built on this amazing network. We will be integrating products on the RSK network throughout the year, with the pace of such integrations dependent on the RSK team.

Multi-NFT Wallet Expansion [Q2 — Q4]

Lead Wallet

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